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Traditional Handcrafted Aguas Frescas

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We are Cantaguas- an artisanal handcrafted beverage organization that has a passion to cater to those who are inspired by both Mexican tradition and Mexican culinary culture!

Cantaguas offers consumers a taste of the rich culinary diversity of the vibrant country of Mexico through our Aguas Frescas. Additionally, we strive to pay homage to the culinary rich Mexican country with artistically colorful and culturally-authentic displays and stands.

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Aguas Frescas, what are they?

What’s an Agua Fresca, you ask? Agua Fresca is the favorite Mexican traditional drink to have with your meal or as a meal in itself- “Agua Fresca” directly translates to “Fresh Water”, and it gets that name because of all the natural and fresh ingredients used to make it. You can find Aguas Frescas being served in your favorite local taco stand, Mexican food restaurant or quinceañera! It’s a delicious blended Mexican beverage that combines a variety of the most delicious fresh ingredients to form a healthy, tasty beverage with an unending variety and possibility of flavors!

Quality you can taste!

Cantaguas uses only locally sourced organic ingredients to handcraft artisanal Aguas Frescas in the Mexican tradition as passed down for generations in our family, with a modern artisanal twist! We use only the freshest organic fruits and vegetables, along with some unexpected ingredients such as flowers and spices, to handcraft our Aguas Frescas. Our Aguas Frescas are handcrafted by blending natural ingredients and fresh water to design artisanal drinks that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! We use a wide variety of ingredients in our Aguas Frescas, such as juicy hibiscus, sweet strawberries, rare grains and herbs, fragrant mangos, spicy cinnamon, crisp cucumbers and organic rice to provide a healthy and nutritious balanced beverage for your happiness!

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Our world is full of amazing ingredients!

When selecting flavors to produce and ingredients to use in the Aguas Frescas, Cantaguas takes advantage of the seasonal fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and even edible flowers available at local farmer’s markets and produce shops! Many of the recipes we use have been handed down from mother to daughter, and we add our own modern artisanal twist to them by creating drinks that are amazing and unexpectedly wonderful combinations. We constantly test and develop artisanal flavors and recipes to keep our fan’s taste buds surprised and happy!

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