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Delicious and all-natural

Traditional Handcrafted Aguas Frescas

Thank you for choosing Cantaguas for your catering needs!

Cantaguas Aguas Frescas are a unique and delicious beverage choice for your family gathering, work celebration or fundraising opportunity! We cater to your needs, please contact us and let’s get your customized Aguas Frescas into the party mix!

Our team is excited to serve you and will craft the perfect Aguas Frescas for your event. Our pricing is about $50 for a five (5) gallon container, depending on the custom flavor you'd like us to create for you. A five (5) gallon container is enough for about twenty-seven (27) servings of twenty-four (24) oz cups or fifty-three (53) servings of twelve (12) oz cups. We ask to provide a 50% upfront deposit to secure your order and for us to start making your special drink!

Also, five (5) gallon containers can be provided upon request. These are a great presentation for your drinks and go great with both a casual and formal setting!


Please contact us and let us know what Aguas Frescas we can handcraft for you!

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Make your next event a total success- add our handcrafted Aguas Frescas to the mix! Contact us today for a quote, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

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