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Thank you for choosing Cantaguas for your beverage catering needs! Our team is excited to serve you! We are dedicated to providing you with tasty and refreshing drinks. These beverages are ideal for serving during the rehearsal dinner, reception, cocktail hour, family gatherings, or work celebration.


1 gallon $17

All options include organic sugar. Agave or honey can be requested for an additional cost of $3 per gallon

Free delivery on orders over $100

$10 delivery fee

A five-gallon order will provide approximately 35-45 servings if 24 oz cups are used, or 50-65 servings if 12 oz cups are used

We ask for a 50% upfront non-refundable deposit to secure your order or orders

We can provide servers at a rate of $20 per hour per server


let us cater your next event!

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